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Attend a Writer’s Conference? A Risk Worth Taking! (Part 2)

By Catherine Hedge What a delight!  I have just returned from a regional writer’s conference, The Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators of Kansas.  I spent the day learning from wonderful, creative speakers:  Sharon M. Draper, Jennifer Mattson, Karen … Continue reading

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Thankful for Words of Wisdom, Part 2

Thankful for Words of Wisdom, Part 2.

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Get That Novel Going!

By Catherine Hedge I’m starting a new novel.  I have a whole 11 pages done so far.  (Yippee!)  But when I start worrying or doubting my abilities, I reach for my favorite tonic, a little bit of Mr. B.  (Leonard … Continue reading

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By Catherine Hedge Words…. Heard or unheard Written Whispered  Shouted Sung With the power to sting, slander, and slay Or to teach, heal, and inspire We have the right to words…and the responsibility For all the words of the past … Continue reading

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Crossing Deep River: Finishing a Novel

By Catherine Hedge One of the most wonderful things about starting a novel is that eventually you get to the place where you are finishing it!  I am just pages away from finishing my third manuscript, Crossing Deep River.  It … Continue reading

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Because I Have Something to Say!

By Catherine Hedge Anyone who uses the phrase, “indomitable”  must have met my writing mentor, the late Leonard Bishop.  He grew up in conditions of poverty and violence that would destroy most of us.  He believed, despite all the contrary … Continue reading

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Attending a Writing Conference? A Risk Worth Taking!

By Catherine Hedge When I was getting reading for my first writing conference in Salina, Kansas, many years ago, I was terribly nervous.  I figured there would be critics lurking about with long noses and red pens in hand.  They’d … Continue reading

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I Hear You, Mr. B!

I had the delightful experience of attending a writing conference this weekend.  I spent two days in Kansas City surrounded by people who love writing. All weekend, I kept hearing Mr. Leonard Bishop resonating in my head. Case in Point:  … Continue reading

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By Raji Singh (editor, archivist, archeo-apologist, Fiction House Publishing)   Psychologists will tell you “ignore those eerie, Halloween-ish voices that try to creep through your ears and into your brain.”  A writing instructor will tell you “listen for the written … Continue reading

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Family Drama…Without the Drama: Writing a Family Play

By Catherine Hedge. The adventure began simply.  My Uncle Bill called and asked, “What do you think about us putting together a simple little skit for the family reunion?” Even while I was answering, “Yes! That sounds like fun…”, my … Continue reading

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