Writing and Editing

Published work:

Seeds of Vengeance, By Mark Rogers (editor)

A Carpathian Folk Song:  Freedom, Love, Gold, by the Tarnay Family (chief editor)

The Toy Box with Francie Dillon

(Non fiction)  Journal of  Adolescent and Adult  Literacy, International Reading Association  (April, 2008)

Works in Progress:

Adult/YA Novel:  Women of the Mist (seeking representation)

Middle Grade novel: When the Magic Comes   (seeking representation)

Middle Grade/Young adult novel:  Crossing Deep River (seeking representation)

*     *     *

SOV coverSeeds of Vengeance, By Mark Rogers

Editor: Catherine Hedge

Published 2014

(See Book Release page)

A near-death mining accident triggers J.B. Smith’s quest for the impossible – IMMORTALITY.

“Give me wealth, power, and offspring. I’ll destroy anyone challenging my empire.”

Impassioned union activist Stash Taluski protests: “We are children of the earth’s black bowels, Mr. Smith. You must look out for your brothers.”


(available at Amazon.com)  www.fictionhousepublishing.com

blog: www.talesofthefictionhouse.com

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2 cover splashA Carpathian Folk Song:  Freedom, Love, Gold Chief Editor, Catherine Hedge.  Published 2013

(See Book Release page)

Book Review by William Lower, Budapest Times Columnist

“The Tarnay story is a story that begs to be told.  It is many stories: a love story, a historically important story, a dramatic story, a tragic story and given its significance to an entire nation, it is a poignant story.”

*     *     *

“Enchanting collection of light pop tunes linked absorbing narrative” Disney Family Fun Magazine

¨ Just Plain Folks International Nominee, 4th Place Children’s Storytelling, 2006

¨ Parent’s Choice Award

¨ Scored and performed as a symphony

¨   (Bear Valley Music Festival, California; Sacramento Children’s Choir and Orchestra

On this award winning album of original children’s music, I wrote two songs; “Jingle Ji Jangle” and “Feast.”  I also wrote the narrative between songs.  (currently played on Disney Radio)

*     *     *

Additional Information:

  • I am assembling a book of encouraging teacher poetry.  I was the featured poet for my district’s annual teacher celebration for ten years.  (sample)  “Hey Teacher
  • My work is on permanent display in the Fort Riley  Cavalry Museum.  “Archeology” (First place winner, Fort Riley 150th anniversary writing contest, adult division)
  • Kansas statewide essay contest top prize recipient, “What’s Working in Kansas Schools?”


Adult/YA Novel:  Women of the Mist (seeking representation)

In Medieval England, fifteen-year-old Lady Myra battles a tyrannical bishop.  Encouraged by the ghosts of her ancestors, warrior queens Boedica and Gwenivere, Myra leads an unlikely league of Highlanders, renegade Vikings, and cloistered nuns to fight for “Northumbria and Honor!” As armies collide on the moor, Myra lures the bishop to a great henge where she must battle for her people and her immortal soul.

(190,000 words, 700 pages (including chapter breaks)

Middle Grade novel: When the Magic Comes   (seeking representation)

This  coming-of-age story teams a baseball-loving ghost and a lonely girl in a common quest:  Check off the adventures Donnie wrote on a “Bucket List” so he can be freed from the earth…and from the ghost boys who terrorize him each night at sunset.

(32,000 words, 121 pages)

Middle Grade/Young adult novel:  Crossing Deep River (seeking representation)

Crossing Deep River (MG/YA) is set in small town Louisiana, 1965, and showcases the development of a deep friendship between an elderly wise woman and a 15-year-old Yankee in the midst of the segregated south.

(43,000 words, 148 pages)


Society for Children’s Book Writer’s and Illustrators

B.M.I. registered Lyricist

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

National Education Association (retired)

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