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The Second Crop of : Harvesting the Second Crop

We love wine, especially that produced by for personal use by Celeste and Clay at Gantz Family Vineyards.   It’s like poetry in a bottle. Along with  Angelina M. Lopez, they write a beautiful blog about their experiences in wine-making and … Continue reading

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Don’t Tell Me I’m A Loser

by Catherine Hedge One of the saddest moments of my teaching career was when I heard a parent say in front of his child, “He’s just a loser.”  I’ll never forget the image of the boy dropping his chin to … Continue reading

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Our King: Eulogy for a Dog

By Joseph F. Hedge (Our father, Joseph Hedge, defied the 1950’s stereotype of the stern, unfeeling father.   I remember him reading this story based on his favorite dog to us decades ago.  Of course, we cried our eyes out, but … Continue reading

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Major (Monster or Manifestation?)

By Bill Borel The Borel family had always been very understanding and open minded. We had the normal conflicts and jealousies of all families but nothing truly disruptive. We accepted differences in political, religious, income levels, educational, and most other … Continue reading

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Puppy Day 2: The Nervous Breakdown

Here is my new puppy. Don’t be fooled by his adorableness. He is a vibrating, finger-biting, cat-harassing, carpet-pooping little monster. That charming curlicue tail is fuzz-covered worm set on a barbed hook. Those soulful little eyes issue commands like a drill … Continue reading

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A Great Dog to Blog

By Catherine Hedge I solved my dilemma, to Blog or to Dog.   It turns out that those two choices have a lot in common.  Both are approached with fears, defined by trial and error, and launched with blind hope. I … Continue reading

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Blog or Dog?

By Catherine Hedge These days when people discover time they didn’t have before, they often get two suggestions: 1.  Write a blog 2. Get a dog Both offer a way to fill time, as if that’s a problem.  They tell … Continue reading

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