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Skating on Your Ankles (repost)

By Joseph Hedge (Editor’s Forward…2014)  We are currently in a deep freeze in Kansas.  Snow is up to our knees and icicles dangle like shark’s teeth ready to take a bite!  (so pretty when small…so scary when they hang over … Continue reading

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Getting Serious!

By Catherine Hedge When I was a kid, I used to daydream about being a storyteller.   It’s in my Irish blood.  My great uncles could take a two minute event and stretch it to at least a half hour, especially … Continue reading

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Our King: Eulogy for a Dog

By Joseph F. Hedge (Our father, Joseph Hedge, defied the 1950’s stereotype of the stern, unfeeling father.   I remember him reading this story based on his favorite dog to us decades ago.  Of course, we cried our eyes out, but … Continue reading

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It’s Cabin Time (Summers of 1930’s)

(Joseph Hedge lived for summers!   He shared why in this is a glimpse of his childhood in the early 1930’s in Anaconda, Montana.)  By Joseph F. Hedge Behind our yard and across the alley was a large hill.  What do … Continue reading

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Travels with Mary

By Catherine Hedge Anyone who believes that a good road trip needs to be finely scripted to be successful has never traveled with my mother.  She and her patron Saint Christopher have the ability to take a lump of chaos … Continue reading

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Blogging: Opening Pandora’s Box

By Catherine Hedge When I was little, my father played Morse Code with us.  He’d say, “Dit- dit- dit- da- da –da- dit – dit –dit,” and we’d try to figure out what he meant.  He was a Navy radioman … Continue reading

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Childhood Past and Present

By Catherine and Joseph Hedge  I’m fortunate to work on a project with artist- educator Francie Dillon.  In the process, I’ve been researching websites for information on modern childhood play.  In the technology, there is a great wealth of content, … Continue reading

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My Adventures in E-Publishing: Round One

By Donna Gillespie When my first novel (The Light Bearer, Berkley/Putnam 1994) was teetering at the edge of the out-of-print abyss and my publisher didn’t seem interested in putting it out as an e-book, I realized that if I wanted … Continue reading

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Skating on your Ankles by Joseph Franklin Hedge

(Forward) January in Kansas is supposed to be cold, snowy, and blustery.  But not this year.   It hit 60 Friday.  I’m usually a cold weather wimp.  My preferred winter activity is sitting in front of the fireplace with a cup … Continue reading

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