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Skating on Your Ankles (repost)

By Joseph Hedge (Editor’s Forward…2014)  We are currently in a deep freeze in Kansas.  Snow is up to our knees and icicles dangle like shark’s teeth ready to take a bite!  (so pretty when small…so scary when they hang over … Continue reading

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Teaching? How Could You Stand It?

By Catherine Hedge Last night, my fellow and I went swimming at a nearby hotel.  At the desk, the manager whispered, “You might not want to come in today.  We have a whole bunch of middle school and high school … Continue reading

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by Raji Singh (repost from Tales of the Fiction House) Seeing all the wonderful presents given and received, I remember a favorite gift wish. Just like the bespectacled Ralphie in the movie A Christmas Story, as an eight year old … Continue reading

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Repost: Opening Gifts

By Catherine Hedge Today, I made significant progress in a novel revision and cookie making…two priorities in my life!   I decided to repost an old piece, knowing that you are all in the middle of holiday preparation.  (Hence…cookies!)  I hope … Continue reading

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Words of Wonder

One of the greatest pleasures in life is watching someone begin to read and enjoy words.  It happens so fast, like magic.  Back in November, my grandson was accomplished with his name, a few phrases, and lots of words on … Continue reading

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Because I Have Something to Say!

By Catherine Hedge Anyone who uses the phrase, “indomitable”  must have met my writing mentor, the late Leonard Bishop.  He grew up in conditions of poverty and violence that would destroy most of us.  He believed, despite all the contrary … Continue reading

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Opening Gifts

By Catherine Hedge One of the greatest elements of being a significant part of children’s lives is that you get to watch them open “gifts.”  Not new plastic whiz-bangs from the latest video game, pop band paraphernalia, or pajamas from … Continue reading

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Childhood Past and Present

By Catherine and Joseph Hedge  I’m fortunate to work on a project with artist- educator Francie Dillon.  In the process, I’ve been researching websites for information on modern childhood play.  In the technology, there is a great wealth of content, … Continue reading

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