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Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies.

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Christmas Cookies

Back in 1971, I was a broke college student.  We were having a BIG Christmas with my family of seven plus our boyfriends, grandmothers, and a whole bunch of favorite cousins coming from Canada.  I was frantic, knowing that there … Continue reading

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Aching Hearts

by Catherine Hedge All weekend I’ve been trying to come up with a bright story to lighten our national mood, but it just won’t come.  As a life-long teacher and grandmother of a wonderful six-year-old boy, I cannot gloss over … Continue reading

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Opening Gifts

Opening Gifts.

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Opening Gifts

By Catherine Hedge One of the greatest elements of being a significant part of children’s lives is that you get to watch them open “gifts.”  Not new plastic whiz-bangs from the latest video game, pop band paraphernalia, or pajamas from … Continue reading

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Of Fathers to Sons…Is There a Santa Claus? (repost)

Of Fathers to Sons…Is There a Santa Claus? (repost).

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Of Fathers to Sons…Is There a Santa Claus? (repost)

Leonard Bishop, the inspiration for this blog, was one of the best fibbers I have ever met.  He could make up stories so fast, you felt they HAD to be true.  He once confided about an old story, “I’ve told … Continue reading

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