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Arnold and Ithaca

by John Borel  Tell me about a complicated man Muse, tell me how he wandered and was lost When he wrecked the holy town of Troy And where he went and who he met, the pain He suffered in the … Continue reading

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by John Borel We spend most of these few years we have Collecting things, screening them, selecting Our friends, skills, and tools, Houses, cars, furniture , books and magazines Our ideas, songs, values and favorite phrases. And then one day, … Continue reading

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The Cisco Kid…a True Story

By John Borel (I really wonder how J.B. made it out of this one alive!  He said it not only happened, but word for word, this is what the Cisco Kid said.  Yikes!  So glad you’re still with us, Uncle … Continue reading

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A Half World Away, A Half Century Gone: Afghanistan…Part 2

By John Borel (Fifty years ago, John Borel was one of President Kennedy’s first Peace Corps volunteer in Afghanistan.  He wrote about his experiences in his post.  His visits to our home during those years were magic.  I remember waiting … Continue reading

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On A Midnight Clear

By John Borel The White Christmas Rabbit On a beautiful cold wintery morning We awaken to a white world of snow. Nature has brought another miracle. Science tells us the how and why But our minds still say it’s a … Continue reading

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