On A Midnight Clear

snowshoe hare photo: Snow shoe Rabbit Snowshoe_hare.jpg

credit: Snowshoe Hare, from photobucket.com/fft375/the biter

By John Borel

The White Christmas Rabbit

On a beautiful cold wintery morning

We awaken to a white world of snow.

Nature has brought another miracle.

Science tells us the how and why

But our minds still say it’s a miracle.

And every once in  awhile

…Every once in a long while

We witness other miracles,

Happenings that transcend daily life.

For us this came just the other night.

Driving up to our Saratoga home

We were struck by an other-worldly vision.

A great white rabbit

Standing at least two feet tall,

Or it seemed even three.

There between our house and garage.

  Could this have been our imagination?

No, we are rational my wife and I.

Neither of us have ever seen a ghost.

It’s not as though we saw a dinosaur,

No, it was a real giant white rabbit.

The creature looked proud and powerful,

Not like the small rabbits of summer

Snooping indifferently around the yard.

The apparition was gone in a second.

Our mouths were wide open in wonder.

(We had only had one drink, I swear.)

We’ll never forget that holiday evening.

As we welcome another long winter,

We think how special it is to be alive

And to have witnessed the great white rabbit.


P.S.    You’ll say it was just a snowshoe hare, also known as the varying hare, capable of changing its summer pelage from puff brown to almost pure white….But everyone knows they are invisible.  J.B.

© 2013 John Borel

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