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I Hear You, Mr. B!

I Hear You, Mr. B!.

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Family Drama…Without the Drama: Writing a Family Play

Family Drama…Without the Drama: Writing a Family Play.

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I Hear You, Mr. B!

I had the delightful experience of attending a writing conference this weekend.  I spent two days in Kansas City surrounded by people who love writing. All weekend, I kept hearing Mr. Leonard Bishop resonating in my head. Case in Point:  … Continue reading

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Our King: Eulogy for a Dog

By Joseph F. Hedge (Our father, Joseph Hedge, defied the 1950’s stereotype of the stern, unfeeling father.   I remember him reading this story based on his favorite dog to us decades ago.  Of course, we cried our eyes out, but … Continue reading

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Outlines: Mapquest for novelists, or soul-killing, oxygen-sucking waste of time?

A friend of mine told me she was getting frustrated with her writing class and wasn’t sure she was going to stay with it. Students were told to outline the whole book before the instructor let them start, and he’d … Continue reading

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By Raji Singh (editor, archivist, archeo-apologist, Fiction House Publishing)   Psychologists will tell you “ignore those eerie, Halloween-ish voices that try to creep through your ears and into your brain.”  A writing instructor will tell you “listen for the written … Continue reading

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