I Hear You, Mr. B!

I had the delightful experience of attending a writing conference this weekend.  I spent two days in Kansas City surrounded by people who love writing.

All weekend, I kept hearing Mr. Leonard Bishop resonating in my head.

Case in Point:  I rode the elevator with two writers.  One was frustrated because an editor had just acquired a book about World War II, the topic of the book she was pitching.  Another was distraught because the plot line of her manuscript, a journey of two creatures to save their world, was replicated in a just-released children’s book.  By the time we reached the third floor, out popped Leonard’s words from my mouth….”Yes, but the way YOU write it will be unique!  There are few plot lines in history, but a million ways to tell the story.”

Both were smiling by the time the doors closed.

That’s what I need whenever I hit a writing block.  A little bit of Leonard.

I push back from my desk, cross my arms, and ramble around in my mind…or my notes, looking for him.  On my desk, I have a goofy frame with quotes to keep me going:

“Dreams come true for those who make them.”

“Make the most of Drama!”

“Write so every page has something happening.”

“Trust in the alchemy of writing.”

And my personal favorite: “This is the best writing I’ve seen you do.  Very professional!” LB 7/12/2001

A decade later, I’m still reaching for that standard he set.   I know my journey won’t be the same…but there are a million ways to get there!

Thank you, Mr. B!


About Catherine Hedge

I am a writer and teacher mentor.
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6 Responses to I Hear You, Mr. B!

  1. Wonderful meaningful points!! I’m so glad you shared Mr. B’s words with those others!! Bravo!!

  2. Char Newcomb says:

    Those writers don’t know how lucky they were to have Mr. B’s words tossed their way. Way to go, Cathy!

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  4. “Trust in the alchemy of writing.” I love this! Thank you.

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