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I’m Sure There’s A Book in Me, Somewhere!

I’m Sure There’s A Book in Me, Somewhere!.

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I’m Sure There’s A Book in Me, Somewhere!

By Catherine Hedge Leonard Bishop told us that he loved to step into an elevator and ask whoever else rode with him, “So, how’s the book coming?”  He’d get answers like, “Well, I haven’t gotten back to it lately.” Or, … Continue reading

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To subscribe or not to subscribe–good question. Here’s what to do.

I follow forty-nine blogs. Forty-nine! I was mind-boggled when I counted them up. I read blogs about writing and the publishing industry. I read blogs by authors I love and friends in the writing community. For fun, I follow The … Continue reading

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Diet Tip: The Crunch Factor

Diet Tip: The Crunch Factor.

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Diet Tip: The Crunch Factor

By Catherine Hedge My sisters work hard at being fit.  They recently invited me to join them on a 17-day diet.  One sister has already had terrific success.  My first reaction to her description of the diet was to gag.  … Continue reading

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Major (Monster or Manifestation?)

Major (Monster or Manifestation?).

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Major (Monster or Manifestation?)

By Bill Borel The Borel family had always been very understanding and open minded. We had the normal conflicts and jealousies of all families but nothing truly disruptive. We accepted differences in political, religious, income levels, educational, and most other … Continue reading

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Puppy Day 2: The Nervous Breakdown

Here is my new puppy. Don’t be fooled by his adorableness. He is a vibrating, finger-biting, cat-harassing, carpet-pooping little monster. That charming curlicue tail is fuzz-covered worm set on a barbed hook. Those soulful little eyes issue commands like a drill … Continue reading

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My Adventures in E-publishing: Round Two

By Donna Gillespie And so at last the freshly scanned copy of my first novel was buffed and polished and — or so I thought — all ready to be electroni-cized. (That story’s here: My Adventures in E-publishing, Round One; … Continue reading

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