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Here’s to Modern Times, When Publishing is (Relatively) Easy…

By Donna Gillespie Recently I decided it was time to try out Amazon’s print-on-demand service, Create Space. It’s an appealing concept: One reader, one book. No inventory, no waste. I’d put it off too long: Only used copies of book … Continue reading

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” I Commiserate.” The Trauma of Trilogies

By Donna Gillespie and Beth S.  While working on the third book of my Light Bearer series, I wrote this post, The Trauma of Trilogies.  Thank you, Beth S.  for a great dialogue on the process and for your permission … Continue reading

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Getting Serious!

By Catherine Hedge When I was a kid, I used to daydream about being a storyteller.   It’s in my Irish blood.  My great uncles could take a two minute event and stretch it to at least a half hour, especially … Continue reading

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Crossing Deep River: Finishing a Novel

By Catherine Hedge One of the most wonderful things about starting a novel is that eventually you get to the place where you are finishing it!  I am just pages away from finishing my third manuscript, Crossing Deep River.  It … Continue reading

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Thank You for A Grand First Year!

By Catherine Hedge Happy New Year! A year ago, persistent writer friends convinced us that we should start a blog.  We wanted  to showcase our writer’s group in preparation for launching our indie novels and reintroducing previously published works.  What … Continue reading

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Notes From Leonard Bishop’s Class, 1977-78: The Next Two Weeks

Here are more Leonard quotes harvested from that moldering notebook I kept in his class circa 1977. For those who don’t know him, Leonard Bishop taught a novel writing workshop at UC Berkeley Extension until 1983 — he was the … Continue reading

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My Adventures in E-publishing: Round Two

By Donna Gillespie And so at last the freshly scanned copy of my first novel was buffed and polished and — or so I thought — all ready to be electroni-cized. (That story’s here: My Adventures in E-publishing, Round One; http://www.peninhand.org). … Continue reading

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My Adventures in E-Publishing: Round One

By Donna Gillespie When my first novel (The Light Bearer, Berkley/Putnam 1994) was teetering at the edge of the out-of-print abyss and my publisher didn’t seem interested in putting it out as an e-book, I realized that if I wanted … Continue reading

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Keeping up

By Catherine Hedge It used to be easy to be a pen pal.  If you only responded when you received a letter, you had at least two weeks before you had to write another one…a week for your letter to … Continue reading

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