by John Borel

Thunder Mountain sculpture

The passage of time (Thunder Mountain)

We spend most of these few years we have

Collecting things, screening them, selecting

Our friends, skills, and tools,

Houses, cars, furniture , books and magazines

Our ideas, songs, values and favorite phrases.

And then one day, Whamo! Out of the blue

All of these material and spiritual collections

Suddenly become irrelevant.

As friends and family come close,

We pull back slowly, or quickly,

Our energy depleted, our earthly longings dispersed.

Ignored  or avoided for most of our lives,

It’s a normal cycle that we should expect,

Since all fires burn out in time.

Astounding how our species has evolved

So that we think  ourselves immortal

Even in the face of evidence in abundance,

Evidence of our insignificance and mortality.

©2014 John Borel

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