Aching Hearts

by Catherine Hedge

All weekend I’ve been trying to come up with a bright story to lighten our national mood, but it just won’t come.  As a life-long teacher and grandmother of a wonderful six-year-old boy, I cannot gloss over the tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary School.  We have lost so much…wasted those beautiful lives…and for what??

All the diligent efforts of the police and researchers will never be able to answer the “Why” beyond, “There really was no reason.” We know that now, before any reports, or committees, or NRA campaigns, or debates.  Now, our job is to make sure no one in this world is ever again used as target practice…especially our children.
This madness has to stop.

Thank you, Mary Sanchez, for your column in the Kansas City Star:

Alexandra Petri for your insightful post on Washington Post’s Compost page:




About Catherine Hedge

I am a writer and teacher mentor.
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1 Response to Aching Hearts

  1. Char says:

    There are no words, just great sorrow.

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