Blog or Dog?

By Catherine Hedge

These days when people discover time they didn’t have before, they often get two suggestions:

1.  Write a blog

2. Get a dog

Both offer a way to fill time, as if that’s a problem.  They tell you that it will keep you engaged mentally. You can’t  mind-meld with the remote and Roku if Fluffy is nipping your toes.  Neither can you avoid the little counter reminding you to post before Friday.  The social connection for both  is a real temptation.   “You’ll meet the most interesting people.” That’s right.  I’ve read some really clever material, but scooping has never lead me to a long- term friendship.  I thrive on positive feedback and dogs are experts at that.   My sister’s lab Bailey was never more than two feet away from her, his big brown eyes looking up at her like The Adoration of St. Teresa.    Comments are supposed to do that, in theory.  They tell me a blog can help me sell my novels once I post them.  I don’t think Fluffy can do that.  So, it comes down to decision time.  I choose the blog.  Then I won’t have to cover my kitchen floor with newspapers.

About Catherine Hedge

I am a writer and teacher mentor.
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6 Responses to Blog or Dog?

  1. My daughter would rather I got the dog…

  2. Georgia Hunt says:

    Get a dog and blog about the dog. 🙂

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