Get That Novel Going!

By Catherine Hedge

If anyone could get you to write well, he could!

If anyone could get you to write well, he could!

I’m starting a new novel.  I have a whole 11 pages done so far.  (Yippee!)  But when I start worrying or doubting my abilities, I reach for my favorite tonic, a little bit of Mr. B.  (Leonard Bishop, that is.)

Whether it’s reading his blog, his book Dare to Be a Great Writer, or just delving back into my old class notes, I know I’ll emerge stronger, more confident, and ready to take risks.

This week, I was sharing with a dear friend his view on “internal editors.”  He loved to tell a story of a writer who would end each day by looking back over her writing.  She said her internal editor was always telling her things like, “This is just terrible!  Throw it away!”  Leonard told her to replace her editor with his who said, “Oh, This is Wonderful!  Fantastic!  More! I must have more!”

So, as I try to talk my internal editor into being critical, but kind, I reread one of Leonard’s best blogs on how to get off of the “I want to write a novel…someday” sticking place and launch into the reality of “I’ve done it!”

For those who are writing and want a joyful boost or those who’ve wished away decades, this repost is for you!  I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you, Mr. B!

Write A Novel? Let’s Pretend (repost).  By Leonard Bishop

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I am a writer and teacher mentor.
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5 Responses to Get That Novel Going!

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  2. Mr.B, a great writer, teacher, and friend! Truly miss him and bis writing class.

  3. Francie says:

    Excellent reminder… time to “fire” the old editor and in with the new… I think even a bonus is in order!! Thank for the post!

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