Childhood Past and Present

By Catherine and Joseph Hedge

 I’m fortunate to work on a project with artist- educator Francie Dillon.  In the process, I’ve been researching websites for information on modern childhood play.  In the technology, there is a great wealth of content, a world perspective, and rich visual and musical stimulation.  I’m glad I get to watch my grandson learn in this new realm.

When we go outside, though, he reminds me of my dad.  He’ll kneel on the sidewalk to draw chalk rainbows or watch ants build a hill.  He finds elephants in the clouds and picks dandelions for his mommy.  Maybe the ability to find happiness in the everyday sweetness of life is genetic.  I hope so, for that gives him the promise of a life as fulfilling as his great-grandfather’s.

I hope you enjoy this glimpse of a childhood back in the late 1920’s and early 30’s.   Dad kept this youthful glee all his life.

From the Shadows of Your Past

By Joseph Hedge

From the Shadows of Your Past

Have you ever swung a gate?

Walked a picket fence or a slippery log?

Thrown a stick into a creek

Just to please your dog?

From the Shadows of Your Past

Have you ever packed a picnic lunch

Hiked the hills alone with your pet?

Skipped a rock on a beaver pond?

Waded a creek till you’re soaking wet?

From the Shadows of Your Past

Have you ever hung on a street lamp?

Talked to your pals till bedtime?

Thrown pennies at a sidewalk crack?

Shot a taw in the direction you wish would come back?

From the Shadows of Your Past

Have you ever lain on the grass at night

And watched the Northern Lights?

Waited for the strong March winds

To fly your homemade kites?

In the Shadows of Your Past

These memories never fade

Fondly you cast

A backward glance

And remember the friends you made.

In the Light of Golden Days

What fun it is, My Love,

Remembering with you

How we chased the butterflies in flight

You know…I still do!

About Catherine Hedge

I am a writer and teacher mentor.
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11 Responses to Childhood Past and Present

  1. Toni Tadolini says:

    This is delightful! I did not realize that your father wrote poetry…and good poetry! The lines are evocative of those childhood pleasures of delight in the natural world.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I can say “yes” to some variation of nearly all of these, and reading this poem brings those memories back. Thanks for sharing.

    My only regret is that I’m not sure my kids have done all (or even most) of these things. Hopefully they have some other good memories, instead.

  3. Wow… Cathy… you are a terrific writer!! I mean it.. when I read what you write from the heart.. I want MORE.. I do! You have such a fantastic way of putting words out there… I know you love writing fiction…. but I love reading what comes from your heart…. THAT is poetic!!

  4. Daddy gave me a typewritten copy of that poem that I’d taped on the inside front page of the Green Book years ago. He’d actually forgotten about it and was so pleased to see it there. He read it out loud and choked up half way through. I finished it through my tears, and we both laughed and cried at our foolishness. Thanks for sharing it with the world. Love, C

  5. Francie says:

    What a great story to start the New Year. Thanks for keeping our family memories alive.. you are a really terrific writer!! Love ya Sis!!

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