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Family Drama…Without the Drama: Writing a Family Play

By Catherine Hedge. The adventure began simply.  My Uncle Bill called and asked, “What do you think about us putting together a simple little skit for the family reunion?” Even while I was answering, “Yes! That sounds like fun…”, my … Continue reading

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By Raji Singh, (My name is Raji Singh, although I am truly a Fiction.) “Try to write most everyday- to stay in close mental proximity to your stories and characters.  Vast inroads into your work will be the result.”  J. … Continue reading

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By Raji Singh Technique and style observations about Fiction’s chief writer, William ‘Golden Boy’ Golden: Influenced by Sophocles and Shakespeare, Golden often anthropomorphized characters.  Two of his favorites were the sun, a distinctively British bloke, and his ‘lie-dy’, the moon.  … Continue reading

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Research: a burden, or a writer’s best friend?

By Donna Gillespie Whenever I complain over the fact I seem to need at least ten or twelve years per book, I nearly always hear these words of comfort — “But of course. You have to do all that research.” … Continue reading

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Beginner’s Luck

By Catherine Hedge Learning to write is a lot like learning to play a musical instrument. I’m trying to learn the violin.  “Trying” is the best word…for both me and my instructor.  I had visions of playing “Meditation” by Massenet … Continue reading

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The Perfect Writing Teacher

by Catherine Hedge One of the cruelest myths of writing is that if you are a really good writer, you start with “Once upon a time…” and reach “The End” in one free-flowing, unstoppable, lyrical explosion of brilliance.  Perhaps the … Continue reading

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What’s your favorite way to grab more writing time? (Hint: Don’t try this one)

So I just went in for the second time — my next — and final, since now I’m fresh out of legs — total knee replacement. It seems I’m hard on knees. Thank god I’m not a horse. Or, worse, … Continue reading

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Notes From Leonard Bishop’s Class, 1977-78: The Next Two Weeks

Here are more Leonard quotes harvested from that moldering notebook I kept in his class circa 1977. For those who don’t know him, Leonard Bishop taught a novel writing workshop at UC Berkeley Extension until 1983 — he was the … Continue reading

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Bumper Stickers by Bishop, Part Two

By Catherine Hedge For five days, I moped around the house, stalling.  I was stuck on my next scene for my Southern novel, Momma Liddy and Me.  I sorted my stationery collection. It goes back 15 years or more as … Continue reading

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I’m Sure There’s A Book in Me, Somewhere!

By Catherine Hedge Leonard Bishop told us that he loved to step into an elevator and ask whoever else rode with him, “So, how’s the book coming?”  He’d get answers like, “Well, I haven’t gotten back to it lately.” Or, … Continue reading

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