On Char’s writing/editing/revision process…

Charlene Newcomb

“The first draft is nothing but your ingredients. Once you have them in front of you–a beginning, a middle, an end, and all your characters–then and only then can you write your novel.”–Tiffany Reisz.

I call it my rough draft. Rough, first, whatever. I took a different approach to Battle Scars. I’d worked from an extensive outline for Keeping the Family Peace. This time, I just plunged in. I had a few lines on each of 7 cards on the corkboard in Scrivener. So last week, I finished pt. 3 (which is THE END)! (I think I’d previously mentioned I’ve broken this novel into 3 parts.) Finished!


And you know what happens next.


Gotta love writers group and beta readers who bring multiple perspectives and their own writing experience into a critique. I love ’em. Truly I do.

The beta…

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Mom. Writer. Librarian. Navy vet. I live in Kansas. Yes, Toto, Kansas. Welcome to my worlds...
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  1. This is a great view into how you put this all together, Char! I’ve greatly admired your persistence. Leonard used to say that “There are thousands out there that have more talent, but you have persistence and will get it done.” Wow…he should have met you. You’re an inspiration.
    (I’m sorry we double-posted. I’ve switched Raji’s to next week.
    ) Thank you for doing this! Cathy

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