Time Triptych

Here are some poignant pieces by our fellow poet, Steve Pfister.  We hope you enjoy these views of time, our mortal yet fickle companion.

Midnight Butterfly

Wings pressed against blue moon-

Your shadow soars on shifting winds-

Your image floats in starry nights.

But- on a night like this I hate to see you go

Because I know

Soon comes the snow

And frozen wings are far too slow

To bring you back to morning light.

Why can’t we grab the hands of time

And stop the clock forever?

Because I know

Soon comes the snow

And frozen wings are far too slow.

©Pfister 10/12/2015


Distant Ripples

Quiet acts of kindness come as ripples from across the lake-

A mystery that can hide on foggy distant shores

And may stop your heart and mind for a brief moment

In the wonder

Of how each ripple is like the one before

And yet is gently nudging others on

To find the silent energy that moves the surface of the lake.

These ripples make a certain rhythm as they lap against the shore

If you listen closely you can hear the songs that have been written

By those ancient acts of kindness that flow from wave to wave

In search of those waiting for a touch that will hold them tight

And bind them in the distant ripples of the lake.

©Pfister 9/7/2015


Before I Sleep

Drifting on the oceans of my yesterdays,

I wonder why all good journeys must have an end

And why it is so hard to leave a friend

And why sometimes I smile before I sleep.

Light and night embrace for a momentary love affair

As if to teach us how to understand

The secrets of eternity as found within our dreams~

©Pfister 10/14/2015

About Catherine Hedge

I am a writer and teacher mentor.
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