Gators and Butterflies: Flight or Bite

"Calico" (Artwork © 2013 by Joseph Rintoul)

“Calico” (Artwork © 2013 by Joseph Rintoul)

By Raji Singh

To celebrate National Poetry Month, Raji Singh of Fiction House Publishing takes us to two extremes…the sublime and the slime.

  I am James Thaddeus Fiction, the Fifth – a true Fiction.  Typhoon tears me from my parents.  I alone survive.  I become an orphan foundling, taken in by new loving parents Dr. Ben and Indira Singh.  Now I am Raji.  These are my found and foundling tales.

*           *           *            *


In royal raiment we come to you Carper, and you James.

Our flutters say, ‘We are here for you foundlings.

We light by – fly by you.

(Maybe, one day, you too.)

What can we do for you?

Quietly bring pleasure and peace.

Protect you, in this world of ugly, of beast,

That, the gentleness of our beauty may,

For a moment, help you subdue.

  *        *        *


 Their nemesis, the gators…

*     *     *

See purty buttahfly – see dem flits.

Onst our snouts by mistakes, they sits.

Gulp, yum! Ah so coloricious we would glow;

Me ‘n gatorhoodhood frien’ Thibidioux-

As dey twitter downst into our belly pits

*     *     *

(Join me every Sunday night at my blog, your place for short story, lark, whimsy, and merriment.  Meet the many residents as I archive their lives and centuries of adventures.  You can read of their origins in my novel TALES OF THE FICTION HOUSE.   My novel is available at Amazon, (Kindle and Trade Paperback) and Barnes and Noble.)

©2013 Raji Singh

©2014 Raji Singh (New material)


About Raji Singh

I am a writer, a foundling anchored by tale-telling and imagination. Read my history in Tales of the Fiction House, available at and Barnes & Noble (This is a portrait of my great-great grandfather. He's a handsome devil and I am his spitting image.)
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