Writers, Gather ‘Round!

Imagine a hundred years ago on a  frigid winter afternoon…

You trudge through the snow.  The cold freezes your breath on your wool scarf.  The crystals scratch against your lips. Even your eyeballs ache.  Relief is straight ahead.  The Mercantile and Post Office.

Inside, an old man in dungarees and flannel stuffs corn cobs into a pot-bellied stove.  A few men and a large woman cheer him on, “Just one more shovel full, Joseph!”

The woman scoots over to make room for you on the bench.  You peel off your wet boots.  If you’re cold enough and no one is waiting for you at home, you can stay there all day.  A steady stream of your neighbors, maybe some strangers, will join you.  With each one comes a new experience, a fresh story, or a continuation of one from yesterday.   Wrapped in warmth, you listen and let the tales spin around you.  The ice crystals are forgotten, for now.

We hope you find that mythical stove here.   Whether you are looking for humor, slice of life, writing advice, poetry, movie reviews, even an occasional recipe…we hope we can draw you inside to stay warm.


The Dreamers at Pen In Hand

About Catherine Hedge

I am a writer and teacher mentor.
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5 Responses to Writers, Gather ‘Round!

  1. Cathy, this is just great! I would love to see this little dream grow!

    • Thank you, Erin! We’d love to link your Leonard piece, if it’s okay!

      • That would be lovely. And seriously, need you ask? 😉

      • Thanks, Pal! I hoped you’d say yes! The only thing is that according to Celia and Mark, Leonard never was an addict. In fact, it made him sick to drink alcohol. Would it be possible to edit that? Everything else seems spot on! In fact, I think I told you Celia sent it out to her kids!!! Thank you, Erin! I also want to add a Leonard quote with each post! Gonna be fun! Love, Cathy

  2. Just made the change. I love the idea of adding a Leonard quote with each post. Looking forward to reading your blog!

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